Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pilgrim Queen of the Family

Our Homeschool group formed a group of 10 families who welcome The Pilgrim Queen of the Family Shrine, Our Lady of Guadalupe, for three days each month, into our homes.  The fruit of having the Shrine  in our home is that our family is united with other families in the prayer of the Holy Rosary through the Pilgrim Queen of the Family.  It also promotes the devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We will soon be beginning our third year participating in the "traveling shrine" of the Pilgrim Queen.  When we first began to welcome the shrine into our home, we added the family rosary to our night-time prayers.  Our family prayer-time with the shrine in our home has been very powerful for us.  It has lead our family to praying the rosary together daily, which had been a hope and prayer of mine for a long time.  As a result  of Our Lady's prayers, generosity, and grace, our family prayer-life has increased both in meaning and depth. 

The Pilgrim Queen

The purpose of the Pilgrim Queen is to "promote Family praying of the Holy Rosary for the Church, the Pope, the family and vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life."


Pilgrim Queen of the Family is an image of Our Lady Guadalupe that monthly visits ten families, staying three days in each home. During her stay, the family prays together the Holy Rosary.
"Family that prays together stays together." (John Paul II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae)

This apostolate requires two types of members: Guardian and families affiliated with Pilgrim Queen of the Family.

A person who makes the commitment and has the honor of ensuring that Pilgrim Queen of the Family does pilgrimages from home-to-home to promote the prayer of the Holy Rosary. He/she 
invites nine other families (friends, neighbors or relatives) to receive Mary in their home for three days, each month.

Affiliated Family
Family who receive and welcome Our Lady of Guadalupe in their home each month for three days and commit themselves to pray the Holy Rosary together as a family, to pray for vocations, the Pope, the family and the Church. The affiliated family will try to form its own group, so that more and more families are visited by Our Blessed Mother and become united in a single prayer.

Pledge to Mary

As an Affiliated Family with Pilgrim Queen of the Family We commit ourselves to:

1.   Pray the Holy Rosary together as a family
2.   Invite other families to pray the Holy Rosary
3.   Love the Pope and collaborate with the bishop and parish priests
4.   Welcome life
5.   Promote vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life
6.   Give testimony of Christian love: “Look how they love each other”

Our experience with having the Shrine come into our home each month has been very powerful.  We begin to anticipate Her arrival before she is delivered to our home by an affiliated family and always receive her joyfully!  The 3 days always go very quickly, and thus, we are grateful for our time with her.

I encourage families, church, homeschool, and mother's groups to consider inviting The Pilgrim Queen into your homes.  Our family has enjoyed the peace, love, and abundant grace that flow from this time together in prayer.

Click here to learn about becoming an affiliate or guardian family.

The process

Brining the Pilgrim Queen into our home was very straightforward and can be for you as well
1.  Your group will identify a guardian role, or you simply register as a guardian, and invite ten families to join you.
2.  Obtain the shrine here for a small fee per family.
3.  Set a rotation schedule that is most logical based on where the families live.
4. When your group's shrine arrives, your first rotation can commence!

For more information about devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the countless miracles that surround her apparations to St. Juan Diego, click here.

If you arw already participating as an affiliate or guardian, please feel free to share your experience, and how this devotion has changed your family prayer-time.

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