Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ink Pen in the Dryer...

After finding my son's ink pen had exploded in the dryer (filled with a full light load of Church clothes and my brand new, favorite sweater).  I had set my heart on a few bottles of RIT clothes dye.  My Mom (who knows pretty much everything) suggested we try rubbing alcohol.  I had tried this on the inside of the dryer, along with 25 other household products ( hair spray, toothpaste, alcohol, bleach, acetone-based fingernail polish remover, etc) to no avail.
My mom and I soaked and rubbed each spot with the rubbing alcohol and let them sit over night in plastic bags, then I repeated this the next day, scrubbing some laundry soap into each spot and then washed them with a lot of agitation and let them soak (with rubbing alcohol in the washer.)  The spots were gone, for the most part.  I reapplied rubbing alcohol and then tried the suggestion from my friend Tina to scrub Borax on each of the remaining spots, and viola! those too are gone! 
All told, we used 4 bottles of rubbing alcohol.  Not a bad investment.

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