Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wisdom for Today...

... and every day, made possible by The Spiritual Combat...  "Know, then, beloved, that when the Lord has discovered in us the desire to yield ourselves up in earnest, and to strive as we ought for so great a prize, He at once prepares for us a cup of the sharpest temptations and hardest trials, that we may drink it when He wills; and we, acknowledge His love and our own profit, should receive it cheerfully and blindly, and drink it trustingly and unhesitatingly to the very dregs, for it is a medicine, mixed by an erring Hand, and composed of ingredients which are as profitable to the soul as they are bitter in themselves."
Remembering to be thankful, after trying remove the ink pen from inside the clothes dryer with hair spray, toothpaste, alcohol, bleach, acetone-based fingernail polish remover, and several other household products to no avail... and having not even begun to tackle the light load of Church clothes in which the incriminating pen resided (pants pocket)... and which are all completely covered in ink.  This might be a gentle reminder to be careful about what I ask for! God always keeps His promises and makes good on our prayers!  :)

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