Sunday, January 15, 2012

Powerful Moment...

Yesterday, the children and I were on the way to my sister's home to pick up some much-appreciated and always fabulous hand-me-downs... While waiting at a red light, I looked at the car to my right, also stopped.  There was a young woman, about 18, who looked like what I would Imagine my Libby (6 yrs. old) to look like as a young woman.  It really, really hit me.  I begged the children's attention and told them to "stop, look around, I want you all to remember this moment, and how much I love you, how much I thank God for each of you."  It was one of those moments when Heaven felt so near and everything was so clear... this is what is important, right here, right now.
These precious moments are going by to quickly...  I have GOT to remember to savor every moment.  I pray for the grace to find joy in each moment, including the cross-bearing ones.

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