Friday, March 2, 2012

Daily Fiat...

We must neither doubt nor hesitate with respect to the words of the Lord; rather we must be fully persuaded that every word of God is true and possible, even if our nature should rebel against the idea for in this lies the test of faith. St. Basil the Great

I was reading to the children yesterday from the Family Formation program we are enrolled at Church and something really resonated with me.  We are all called to ask God to help us discern His will for us in our lives.  The lesson taught us to follow a logical sequence of steps:
1.  Pray
2.  Ask
3.  Listen
4.  Obey

Logical enough...  As I explained to the children... I have (1) been praying, lately (2) asking for the grace to grow in the virtue of patience and (3) yesterday, in listening, I heard Him ask me to make a sacrifice for Him... that is all fine and well...  where it fell apart was step 4...  I did not obey... It was inconvenient...  I simply didn't want to...  That little "no" caused such a snowball effect on the rest of the day.  I find when I say yes, to His will, the day is just better.  I feel the grace and I have true joy.  He is able to work through me, when I keep those channels open, with obedience to His will... but when I say "no", I slam the door on his face...  it hurts Him... and me...

I pray today (and every day), for if my nature rebels against His ideas, His will, as St. Basil puts it, that I step aside, trust in He who guides and molds me, and let God work.

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