Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Power of Prayer

True, God answers our prayers daily,  but each of us has at least one moment in which God really showed up for us; where His faithfulness to us moved our soul in a powerful way, where we felt His Divine Hand move in our lives.  To enter to win the books, I am asking that you share one answered prayer on this post. 
God has been faithful to me in so many ways and He brings tears of joy to my eyes when I think of all the prayers of mine he has heard, and answered.   Here is my most powerful one:  
I had a personal struggle before our 4th child was born…  I had worked outside the home up till that point.  After this child was to be born (Charlie), Nate and I agreed that I would no longer work outside the home and be a stay-at-home Mom.  I was afraid that I would not do a good job…  I stopped in at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, on my way to my contract, and wept.  Entreating Jesus… I told Him, “I can’t do this, I am scared I will not do a good job with these precious gifts you have given me.”
Jesus approached me and He laid his hands on my head and gently spoke.  He said “You are right, you cannot do it alone, but with Me you can.”  He continues to prove His His faithfulness to me, daily. I can do nothing without Him and any good I do, comes from Him.

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