Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prayer and Self Control

In addition to renewing my consecration, a part of my morning devotion has been committed to working on a virtue. Currently, I am asking God to give me the grace to grow in the virtue of temperance (self control).  My spiritual director gave me a long list of Bible verses to read, and with them, pray the daily cycle of Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.  My prayer is to allow God's Divine providence to control my life as I practice self control.  
This morning's verse was Proverbs 25:28. 
“Like an open city with no defenses is the man with no check on his feelings.”  
When meditating in this one, I saw an ancient city with walls, but the walls were too low… the enemy came in, with force, in great numbers and pillaged the city.  There was dust, dirt, and fighting everywhere.  The inhabitants were so smothered I could not even see them.  The enemy was fully armored, yet the inhabitants were wearing simple peasant clothes…  If that is the picture of us without checking our emotions, I want none of it.  I can see where wrath, jealousy, and even despair, can all welcome evil in, which will come in with such force.  Our “check” for these emotions, must be prayer.  When we feel angry, jealous, overwhelmed, impatient, frustrated, etc.… with such a strong enemy lurking at the gate, we must quickly entreat the army of the almighty God to defend us!  We must keep our walls high, and therefore our city secure!


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  2. Thank you for sharing your meditation.

    It reminded me of how I get so "passionate" about things. I think by using the word passionate instead of angry has lead me to somehow subconsciously justify my actions... How icky is that?

    I will continue reading through the posts "Applying the Cardinal Virtues to Motherhood" for more clarity.

    Again..thx for sharing!