Sunday, March 25, 2012

Earthen Vessels Filled With the New Wine

“We are earthen vessels to be filled with God’s grace. The effects of this Grace is then to be shared with one another and the whole community.”

Grace is necessary for our sanctification and for bringing us into full union with Christ-- making us one with Him. We receive graces through the sacraments given to us by Jesus. In fact, is God himself that we receive, as a sacrament is a visible, an efficacious sign of God’s presence. In Baptism, the nuptial bath, visible water signifies the cleansing of sin and the reception of the Holy Spirit. At Holy Communion we receive the visible Eucharist the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our flesh becomes one with His. St. Paul said that marriage, the two in one flesh union, is a great mystery in reference to Christ and the Church. Hence the wonderful contemplation of the Second Luminous Mystery ‘The Wedding Feast at Cana.’

Mary was/is full of Grace and the Lord was and is with her. Mary, wanting the same for the couple at the Wedding Feast of Cana, intercedes for them and says to Jesus, “They have no wine.” But what she was really saying to Jesus was, “They have no Grace.”

This was worrisome to Mary, being wife and mother herself, she knew how difficult it would be for families to gain heaven without it. Marriage, being deeply wounded due to the fall, made graces necessary for couples to obtain sanctification through this vocation.

And so Mary asks Jesus to start his public life here, which is no small matter, as indicated by His words, “Woman what is this to you and to Me? My hour has not yet come.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen says it was no accident that Jesus started his public life by performing his first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana. And he said that Jesus assisting at the wedding typified His relationship to His Church. In other words, it showed what type of relationship Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom, has with His Church the bride--a spousal  relationship.

Mary must have realized the seriousness of what she was asking before she asked it, and surly she would not ask Jesus to start his public life over the couple having no wine at their wedding. Mary, being the mediatrix of grace, was asking grace from Jesus for this couple and for all married couples to come. And he would not deny his Mother and so grants her request, and raises marriage to
the level, the dignity, of a sacrament.

He turned the water into wine. But wait, not until they did as they were told to do. Mary’s next words were, “Do whatever he tells you.” Obedience, obedience was necessary in order for those earthen vessels to be filled with the New Wine. And so it is with us. When we live our marriages out according to God’s plan—not our plan. When we do whatever he tells us to do, well then, we too will be earthen vessels filled with the New Wine--the wine of the Holy Spirit—and it is when we share the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit in our families and our community that--- God’s kingdom comes--- which is righteousness, peace, love, and joy.

By, Anonymous (a humble and holy friend)

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