Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tragedy in China

Shocking Photo Shows Baby Forcibly Aborted in China at 9 Months
by Steven Ertelt | Beijing, China | | 4/3/12 3:15 PM

"The one-child policy in China is coming under fire again and this time because of a shocking image of a baby who was a victim of a forced abortion at nine months of pregnancy submerged in a bucket of blood and water.
The web site Prison Planet originally reported on the shocking photo and says the baby was a victim of a forced abortion because the parents were already parents of another child and Chinese law prohibits most residents from having a second baby. Stories of forced abortions and sterilizations are very common and thousands of such abortions occur annually — sometime up to the last weeks before birth."


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  1. As American consumers it would really be prudent for us to stop supporting China as much as possible from a moral aspect as well as for the growth of our own economy.

    when you take a look at your shopping cart, not an easy task.

    Thank you for sharing this terrible reality.