Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wisdom in duty

As I was trying to attack my daunting list of to-do's, I found, out of obedience, I had to scale back some of my commitments in order to fulfill my duties.  I was really looking forward to these "commitments" too. 

I asked a couple of close friends to pray for me.  I shared with them "My burden is light only because of My Lord, and I trust He will give me the grace to get done what needs to get done, but... at this point... He is going to have to provide a miracle... good news is, miracles are His gig!" 

My friend shared with me a wise and powerful prayer, and she even said it for me: 

"God give me the guidance to put an appropriate "size" on my tasks at hand, so my mind doesn't make them bigger than they truly are...” 

I pray for all my "friends" to find the peace that this little prayer brings.
Thanks Katrina!  :)